History of the Laws of the Game

Ever since it was founded in the 19th century, the International Football Association Board (IFAB) has played a vital role in international football. It acts as the guardian of the Laws of the Game and is responsible for studying, modifying and overseeing any changes to it. This history of the changes to the Laws of the Game from 1863 to the present day makes for very interesting reading.

2017-2018 AYSO Section 1 Rules and Regulations

All play within Section 1 will be in accordance with to the current FIFA Laws of the Game, AYSO National Rules and Regulations and these Section 1 Rules and Regulations.

UPDATE: By direction of the Section 1 Board of Directors, effective 12 Mar 2018, heading is not permitted in 12U for all Programs (Core, Extra and All-Star).

2017-2018 AYSO Section 1 Championship Games Rules of Competition

Additional guidance for all Playoff games in Section 1. This guidance is in addition to the current FIFA Laws of the Game, AYSO National Rules and Regulations and Section 1 Rules and Regulations.

2018 AYSO National EXTRA Rules & Regulations

AYSO National Rules and Regulations of EXTRA Program Play for a competitive youth soccer program within AYSO.

Section 1 Player Development Initiative (PDI) Implementation

The Player Development Initiative and Heading implementation for Section 1 Playoffs follows the AYSO National Rules & Regulations in effect at the beginning of each competition.

Section 1 Match Suspension Policy

On those rare occasions where scheduled Section 1 matches cannot be completed due to elements beyond anyone’s control, the outcomes of these matches are determined by this Section 1 policy.

AYSO Severe Weather Play — National Policies & Associated Guidelines

Certain weather conditions can pose risk – proper planning assures that potential emergency situations are appropriately addressed. This document provides basic guidelines for AYSO volunteers and organizers in dealing with severe weather conditions.

2018 AYSO National Rules and Regulations

This is the official version of the AYSO Rules & Regulations. The National Rules & Regulations describe how AYSO conducts age specific programs and games including expectations for participation, details on team formation and registration requirements.

These rules may be amended or supplemented by Section and/or Area rules.

2018-2019 FIFA Laws Of The Game

The 132nd Annual General Meeting (AGM) of The IFAB was held at Home of FIFA in Zurich, Switzerland on Saturday 3 March 2018. These amendments to the Laws of the Game approved at this meeting come into force on 1 June 2018.

2018 Changes to the Laws of the Game

The IFAB description of the changes found in the 2017 Laws of the Game.

2013-2014 Advice to Referees on the Laws of the Game

While no longer being updated, this is an indispensable companion to the Laws of the Game. This USSF publication is specifically intended to give USSF referees, assistant referees and fourth officials a reliable compilation of those international and national Guidelines remaining in force modified or updated. It is not a replacement for the Laws of the Game, nor is it a “how to” book on refereeing.

2012-2013 Guide to Procedures for Referees, Assistant Referees and Fourth Officials

While no longer being updated,this pamphlet outlines the procedures that are the standard officiating techniques, signals and mechanics at all levels of play. They have been recommended by a panel of senior referees and instructors and have been thoroughly tested at international, professional, adult and youth levels of competition.

2013 7 + 7 Cautions Sendoffs Offenses Memorandum

2016 Cambios en las Leyes del Juego

La descripción del IFAB de los cambios encontrados en las Leyes del Juego de 2016.

2016-2017 FIFA Reglas de Juego

La 130ª Asamblea General Anual de la IFAB se celebró en el Hotel St. David’s de Cardiff el sábado 5 de marzo de 2016. Las enmiendas a las Leyes del Juego aprobadas en esta reunión entraron en vigor el 1 de junio de 2016.

2011-2012 Guia Para Arbitros Sobre Las Reglas De Juego

Si bien ya no se actualiza, esto es, una herramienta indispensable para las Reglas de Juego. Esta publicación USSF está destinado específicamente para dar a los árbitros de USSF, árbitros asistentes y cuartos árbitros una recopilación fiable de esas directrices internacionales y nacionales que permanecen en vigor modificada o actualizada. No es un sustituto de las Reglas de Juego, ni es un “cómo” libro de arbitraje.

2011-2012 Guía de Procedimientos para árbitros, árbitros asistentes y cuarto árbitro

Si bien ya no se actualiza, este folleto se describen los procedimientos que son las técnicas estándar de oficiantes, señales y la mecánica en todos los niveles de juego. Ellos han sido recomendados por un panel de árbitros de alto nivel y profesores y se han probado completamente en profesionales, adultos y jóvenes a nivel internacional, de la competencia.

2013 Memorando de 7 + 7 Infracciones Sancionables con Amonestación y Expulsión

2012 Updated Guidance on the Application of Advantage

USSF released a memorandum and video which expands the reach of the advantage clause to include any infraction that occurs during live play. This means that advantage may be given in circumstances that we previously might have defined as “trifling.” The central idea is simple: advantage may be applied to infringements of the Laws of the Game and is not limited to infringements of Law 12. This brings the guidance for U.S. referees into alignment with international practice. The reason for the update is to reflect the manner in which international practice (and thinking) have evolved into an opinion that favors a broader use of advantage to include offenses other than those described in Law 12. For example, referees and assistant referees can now apply the advantage concept to the violation of the two-touch rule where advantage is clearly evident.

Advantage still may not be awarded when an infraction occurs during a stoppage in play, for example, on a restart that has not entered play.

The document linked below “US Soccer’s Advice to Referees – Advantage Update” provides a simple explanation of the concept.

The “USSF – Advantage Update 20120716” can be used by instructors to share the update.

Take a moment and review these changes before your next class or match.

Referee Directives

The 2009 U.S. Soccer Referee Directives are still available online. The ten (10) Directives are provided to assist in the management of games at the highest levels and, hence, are of interest not only to match officials but coaches and administrators as well.

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