History of the Laws of the Game

Ever since it was founded in the 19th century, the International Football Association Board (IFAB) has played a vital role in international football. It acts as the guardian of the Laws of the Game and is responsible for studying, modifying and overseeing any changes to it. This history of the changes to the Laws of the Game from 1863 to the present day makes for very interesting reading.

2020 AYSO Section 1 Rules and Regulations

All play within Section 1 will be in accordance with to the current FIFA Laws of the Game, AYSO National Rules and Regulations and these Section 1 Rules and Regulations.

2020 AYSO Section 1 Championship Games Rules of Competition

Additional guidance for all Playoff games in Section 1. This guidance is in addition to the current FIFA Laws of the Game, AYSO National Rules and Regulations and Section 1 Rules and Regulations.

2020 AYSO Section 1 EXTRA Guidelines

AYSO Section 1 Guidelines for EXTRA Program Play for a competitive youth soccer program within Section 1.

2018 AYSO National EXTRA Rules & Regulations

AYSO National Rules and Regulations of EXTRA Program Play for a competitive youth soccer program within AYSO.

2020 Section 1 Player Development Initiative (PDI) Implementation

The Player Development Initiative and Heading implementation for Section 1 is in effect as of 1 Aug 2019.  Our own Area 1P staff has created a video presentation of the current implementation of the Build-Out Line for Coaches & Referees.

Section 1 Match Suspension Policy

On those rare occasions where scheduled Section 1 matches cannot be completed due to elements beyond anyone’s control, the outcomes of these matches are determined by this Section 1 policy.

AYSO Severe Weather Play — National Policies & Associated Guidelines

Certain weather conditions can pose risk proper planning assures that potential emergency situations are appropriately addressed. This document provides basic guidelines for AYSO volunteers and organizers in dealing with severe weather conditions.

2019 AYSO National Rules and Regulations

This is the official version of the AYSO Rules & Regulations. The National Rules & Regulations describe how AYSO conducts age specific programs and games including expectations for participation, details on team formation and registration requirements.

These rules may be amended or supplemented by Section and/or Area rules.

2020-2021 AYSO version of the IFAB Laws of the Game

This addendum to the 2020-2021 IFAB Laws of the Game details those changes which are approved within FIFA’s authorization that allows Federations to make changes in the following five (5) areas:

    • Size of the field of play
    • Width between the goalposts and height of the crossbar from the ground
    • Size, weight and material of the ball
    • Duration of the periods of play
    • Substitutions

2020-2021 IFAB Laws Of The Game

The 134th AGM of The IFAB took place in Belfast, Northern Ireland on 29 February 2020 and was chaired by the Irish FA President, Mr David Martin. These Laws come into force on 1 June 2020. Because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Laws of the Game Competitions which have been suspended because of COVID-19 have the option of
completing the competition using the Laws of the Game 2019/20 or adopting the Laws of the Game 2020/21.  ‘Friendly/practice/warm-up’ matches in preparation for the restart of the competition are permitted to use the version of the Laws that will be used when the competition restarts, even if these matches are after 1 June 2020.

The IFAB description of the changes found in the 2020 are included in the Laws of the Game.  A summary of changes and clarifications is available here.

For AYSO, these Laws come into force on 1 Aug 2020.  Details of the AGM’s main decisions and discussions are in the minutes of the meeting are available on www.theifab.com.  The IFAB has published an 2019-2020 LOTG App for iOS or Android.

2018 Cautions-Sendoffs Offenses Memorandum

The updated Codes for Cautionable and Sending-Off Offenses according to the 2018-2019 LOTG are posted. Note that this tool is no longer referred to as 7v7 given the increase in the LOTG of players’ cautionable offenses as well as the inclusion of the cautionable offenses by substitutes.

2019 IFAB Reglas de Juego

La 133ª reunión anual de la IFAB tuvo lugar en Aberdeen, Escocia, el 2 de marzo de 2019 y fue presidida por el Presidente de la Federación de Escocia, el Sr. Alan McRae. Estas leyes entrarán en vigor el 1 de junio de 2019. Los detalles de las principales decisiones y discusiones de la Junta General de Accionistas se encuentran en el acta de la reunión, disponible en www.theifab.com. El IFAB ha publicado una aplicación LOTG 2019-2020 para iOS o Android.

La descripción de IFAB de los cambios encontrados en el 2020 se incluye en las Leyes del juego. Un resumen de los cambios está disponible aquí. Una presentación de IFAB de todos los cambios a las Leyes y aclaraciones, inc. ejemplos de video también están disponibles en línea.

Updated: August 1, 2020 at 9:16 PM