Misconduct Reports

Referees are required to submit a Referee Misconduct Report of any send-offs of players, team officials or spectators that occur in Section 1 play to the Section Director within 24 hours.

Incident Report Form

An AYSO Incident Report Form is used whenever there is a personal injury, damaged property or threats of or actual physical violence surrounding an AYSO game, practice, event or property. The form should be prepared by the coach, AYSO Official, or AYSO Volunteer or tournament or event staff members. Instructions are included within the linked document. Answers to frequently asked questions regarding soccer accidents may be found on the AYSO insurance website.

AYSO Referee Feedback Form

An online Referee Feedback Form is provided so that you might help our referees improve their knowledge and skills. Please feel free to offer your comments, be they praise or suggestions for improvement. If you prefer, you may use this PDF version of the feedback form.

Application for Referee Certification Form

The Application for Referee Certification form must be completed by the candidate for upgrade to Intermediate Referee level and above. For Intermediate and Advanced Referee upgrades, the verification of requirements is performed either by the Area Referee Administrator or the Area  Director of Assessment.

For National Referee upgrades, the verification of requirements is performed by the Section Referee Administrator or Section Director of Assessment.  Your new badge and certificate of completion will be mailed to you.

NOTE: Be sure to keep a copy.

AYSO/USSF Cross-Certification

Cross-Certification to USSF is available to AYSO Intermediate, Advanced or National referees who have been certified as referees for six months or more and who are not currently certified with USSF. All games officiated for AYSO or USSF may be applied toward the certification requirements of either AYSO or USSF.

If you are interested in cross-certification, use the AYSO-USSF Cross-Certification Procedure. If you have questions, contact the Section Referee Administrator.

AYSO Forms for Referees, Instructors and Assessors

The AYSO National forms reference contains most of the forms Referees, Instructors and Assessors will need in the course of their duties.

AYSO also maintains an online library of information, lesson plans, exams and forms for Referee Assessors and Referee Instructors at https://aysou.org/resources.

AYSO Insurance

Information, forms and contacts for Soccer Accident Insurance and more.

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