21 Oct 2016

To all Extra Head Coaches,

The circuit would like to address coach, parent and spectator behavior as it has not been the best this Extra season. We the Area Directors of the Circuit are asking that you immediately need to get yourselves, assistants, parents and spectators under control.

The referees supplied by all the Regions are calling the best game they can, they are out there volunteering so that all the kids can play.

Parents and spectators yelling at the referees does not change the call and creates a void in the purpose of what we are trying to achieve. We all know that complaining and yelling at the referees does not change the call. We ask that you meet with your parents and spectators and remind them of this.

If we continue to receive reports of referee abuse, teams may be disqualified from the playoffs, or from participating in the Extra program next year. No team is above the law so if your team has the chance to make the playoffs and does not restrain themselves, as stated before, their season may be over. Plus Section 1 playoffs is by invitation and no team is guaranteed to go especially with poor Sportsmanship from the coaches, parents and spectators.

We cannot continue to allow abusive and foul language to come from the sidelines. We have had reports from families that the kids have been scared to leave the field on some games and we all agree as Area Directors that this is unacceptable.

Please gather your thoughts and get your teams under control. You all know if you fall under this concern or not. For those that are not causing issues, no need for concern, for those that are, change that behavior now.

Thanks you from all of us and please remember this is just a game, we want our kids to have fun and enjoy the game. 

From West Circuit Area Directors

Updated: October 21, 2016 at 1:14 PM