• 2019-09-11

AYSOU has had a few challenges these past few weeks which have been worked and there are a few enhancements to share:

Adding a Student to a Roster

We’ve been experiencing issues (timeouts, etc.) with adding a student to a roster. We’ve identified the issue and have come up with a solution.

There will be a search function, that you do not need to click on ‘Include Available Candidates’.

You can enter an AYSOID, a first name or last name.

It will search all available candidates (you do not need to click on that check box) and return the volunteer(s) that match your search criteria.

In fact, it is highly recommended that you do NOT CLICK ON ‘Include Available Candidates’ when using the new search feature.

Bulk Updates

It’s been easy for an instructor, in attempting to do a BULK UPDATE, for them to inadvertently un-register all their students. That was because the default option in the Bulk Update screen was ‘available’. That made everyone in the Bulk Update ‘available’, which was un-registering them.

Now, it will default to a blank status, so the instructor will need to select a status.

Greyed out Students

If a student is already enrolled in a course or has already taken the course, they will show up in a search greyed out.

Currently, if you hover your mouse over the student it tells you which course they are enrolled in.  Shortly, it will also display the date of the course.

Section, Area, Region

We’ve also added the volunteer’s Section, Area and Region to our integration. This means if you select it from the new Display Columns feature, you can now see the volunteer’s Section, Area and/or Region.

Due to the performance issues, we have been discouraging adding these fields. With the new search feature, we can now use these fields without adding to the performance issues.

Lastly, a few reminders for the instructors:

Time Zones

When you are setting up the class, don’t forget to set the preferred time zone to use Learner’s Time zone.

Un-Register Students that did not attend

As in the eAYSO days, when you complete your class, please remember to un-register (set to Available) any volunteer who did not attend the in-person course, this will help them and their next instructor, as they will not show up as greyed out.

Again, thank you for your commitment to AYSO!