• 2018-08-22
  1. All restarts at the 6U and 8U levels are IFKs. This was previously AYSO policy and is in line with US Soccer’s PDIs
  2. Opponents must retreat 5 yards on all restarts at 6U and 8U levels. This is different from US Soccer (they recommend 10 feet), but takes player safety into further consideration and is consistent with the distance for restarts in accordance with the radius of the center circle (also 5 yards)
  3. Materials on referee and coach side will be brought into alignment to say 6U plays 2×10 minute halves and 8U plays 2×20 minute halves.

The National Referee Council has fixed anything that references these points in materials on the referee side. On the coaching side, the programs department is fixing manuals and online components and the National Rules and Regulations. Once updated, all materials will be put online.