• 2014-11-11

The AYSO Store now sells the Vanishing Marking Foam (vanishing spray) which soccer referees use to mark where players may stand during the taking of a free kick. The AYSO Store carries this product because they have other customers which may be interested in buying the spray.
FIFA allows the use of vanishing spray to provide a player management tool for experienced referees working top level professional games. In AYSO?s youth games the referees are learning all about free kicks and how to manage players with the use of their personality. It is important for referees to first learn the appropriate application of the Laws, and how to manage players before they use tools that may provide a false sense of control without the proper experience.
NOTE: At this point in time, the National Referee Advisory Commission in partnership with the National Coaching Advisory Commission and AYSO?s National Referee Program Administration, does not approve the use of the vanishing spray in AYSO games.
This AYSO directive will continue to allow our AYSO referees to develop player management skills. AYSO will monitor the use of the spray in youth competitions outside of AYSO and evaluate further recommendations in 2015.